Scholarships and Awards

Pat Meikle Memorial Scholarship:  This scholarship is awarded annually to a young woman graduate who is heading to University and exemplifies Zonta’s mission as determined by the Niagara Community Foundation. ($500.00)

Niagara College Bursaries awarded to women returning to studies after a period of absence as determined by Niagara College in memory of Katy Cole.  ($500.00)

Young Women in Public Affairs: This scholarship is awarded to a high school student demonstrating outstanding service within her school and local community. The recipient may be considered at the Zonta regional and international levels to possibly qualify for further scholarships. ($500.00)

 Women in Technology: The global economy and its industries are becoming increasingly digitized. Women, however, are still largely underrepresented in technology and other STEM fields. To create a world in which men and women have equal opportunities, women need to have an active role in technology and technological developments.  This is awarded to women who are continuing their education in technology related fields (awarded internationally)

Young Women in Public Affairs Award

Just over 25% of all national parliamentarians are women. Zonta International believes young women are the key to women’s advancement in the field of public service. Zonta International’s YWPA Award recognizes young women, ages 16-19, for demonstrating leadership skills and a commitment to public service and civic causes and encourages them to continue their participation in public and political life.

Zonta has presented 888 awards, totalling US$924,750, to 756 young women since 1990. Like the young women before them, the 2019 YWPA Awardees are changemakers with impressive records of volunteerism and promising futures in fields ranging from politics to medicine, law and more.

Niagara Falls has submitted a nominee every year for the YWPA scholarship program, and the first year we participated (1993), our nominee, 17-year-old Judith Parker, was the District AND International recipient. In 2019, Amal Qayum became our second recipient who went on to receive both the District and International awards.


Women in Technology Scholarship Award

The world economy continues to leverage and build upon the digital revolution, and industry is becoming critically dependent on information technology. Further, these developments are increasingly disrupting society and familiar social processes. Women, however, are still largely underrepresented in decisions as they relate to information technology and how they impact our world now and into the future. To create a world in which men and women have equal opportunities, women need to have an active role in the field of information technology and access to leadership roles such as chief information officers (CIOs) and chief technology officers (CTOs). Zonta International is pleased to support the Zonta International Women in Technology Scholarship to encourage women to pursue education, career opportunities and leadership roles in information technology.